Life at Saint Gianna's

Saint Gianna Restoration Project in Italy

The above picture is the home of Saint Gianna & Pietro Molla in Italy, which is in much need of repair. We hope you will help Gianna Emanuela and her family to restore this holy home. Below is a link with the details of this huge undertaking. There is also a link to a letter of thanks from Gianna Emanuela and a link for an interview with Gianna Emanuela from the National Catholic Register.

Warsaw, North Dakota.

"One Mother, One Baby, One Family at a Time"



Welcome to Saint Gianna's Maternity Home! Saint Gianna's Maternity Home is here to help women who are pregnant and need a safe place to live.  It is the mission of this Home to bring the love of Christ to all women who come here. Many mothers who arrive on the doorstep come having experienced fear, rejection and loneliness. It is the purpose of our apostolate to bring these mothers the love of Christ and the joy of experiencing that love.
Sometimes expecting a child can be overwhelming especially if a mother is not getting the support or help she needs from family members or from the father of the child. We believe every mother deserves to give birth with dignity and respect. 

At Saint Gianna's Maternity Home every mother will find love and support in a spiritual and family-type environment. Saint Gianna's offers a beautiful home to live in, clothing, assistance in finding a good doctor, educational opportunities including the chance to learn job skills and parenting skills. Women of all faiths are welcome. With God's grace, good things can come from even the most difficult situations. Saint Gianna's is here to stand by all mothers so that they can find the right solutions for themselves and their children. 

If you are pregnant or know someone who is, please feel free to call us to find out how we may be able to help you. We care about you and your baby.

Our Mission

We believe that every unborn child has a right to life and that every pregnant woman has the right to give birth with dignity.

We are dedicated
to providing safe shelter, food, clothing, education, and counseling; and to addressing the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of women in crisis pregnancies as an alternative to abortion.

We are committed
to providing families with a stable living situation based on spiritual values - one mother, one baby, one family at a time.


The Shrine of Saint Gianna Beretta Molla will be open for private veneration any day after daily Mass at Saint Gianna’s Maternity Home.  The weekly Mass schedule is published in the Saint Stanislaus Church bulletin which is available on line ( People may also call (701-248-3077) or email ( to schedule a visit, according to the schedule and availability of Saint Gianna’s Maternity Home.  Because it is a home for our Mom’s and their little ones, we are not always open to the public. 

This summer we will have 3 additional “open shrine times”, for people to come and see the beautiful shrine and to venerate and be blessed with the relics of Saint Gianna.  These times are:   July 7th, 6-8pm, July 21st, 6-8pm, both Thursday evenings, and also Saturday August 13th, 9am -noon.